Tune-Up Cafe » Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tune-Up Cafe Brunch (weekends only)

Granola Fresh Fruit Parfait$ 5.95

Irish Oatmeal w/ fresh fruit$6.50

Buttermilk Pancakes$7.95

banana, blueberry or chocolate chip with maple syrup

Fruit Compote Stuffed French Toast$8.95

with cream cheese & maple syrup

Huevos El Salvadorenos$8.95

scrambled eggs with scallions & tomatoes, refried beans, pan fried banana, creama & Alicia’s corn tortillas

Tune-Up Breakfast$8.95

Chile relleno with roasted tomato salsa, 2 eggs al gusto, refried beans, and corn tortilla

Huevos Rancheros$7.95

with pinto beans, jack cheese, red or green chile, & 2 eggs

Breakfast Burrito$8.75

eggs, home-fries, jack cheese, smothered in red or green chile with bacon, ham, sausage, or avocado

Breakfast Burrito$9.75

house-made chorizo or turkey sausage

Corned Beef Hash$8.95

house-made corned beef, 2 poached eggs & 9-grain toast

Tune-Up Omelette$9.00

a ham, spinach, mushrooms, jack cheese, sour cream omelette topped red or green chile, served with home-fries & toast

Steak & Eggs$9.95

local top sirloin, served w/ 2 eggs, scallion hashbrown, & chile

Soup of the DayCup $4.00, Bowl $6.75

Green Chile Beef StewCup $4.50, Bowl $ 7.75

Banana Leaf Wrapped Tamale$8.95

served with rice and beans, & roasted tomato salsa

El Salvadoran Pupusas$8.95

two served with roasted tomato salsa and curtido: refried beans, zucchini & queso fresco -OR- flank steak, chile pasado & queso fresco

Tune Up Salad$6.95

mixed greens, roasted beets, carrot, avocado & cucumber with sherry vinaigrette

Greek Salad$7.95

classic with feta, kalamata olives, cucumber with red wine vinaigrette


add grilled organic chicken, organic flank steak, fresh salmon, or shrimp

Tune-Up Burger$8.75

in-house ground, local beef, on bioche bun with garlic mayo

Local Lamb Burger$12.95

w/ fresh herbs, onion, & garlic served w/ house-made seeet potato fries

Buffalo Burger$14.95

from Bosque Farms, on grilled brioche bun with garlic mayo

Brown Rice Nut Burger$8.75

house-made patty on a brioche bun with garlic mayo


Burger Toppings: cheddar, jack, blue, manchego, provolone swiss, green chile, avocado, grilled onion, sautéed mushrooms


Burger Toppings: bacon

Free RangeGinger Chicken Sandwich$9.95

on ciabatta with provolone & basil aioli


citrus & garlic marinated pork loin, cured ham & swiss on ciabatta

Tune-UP Combo$9.95 / $8.95

quesadilla (free range chicken or veggie), soup & salad

Fresh Grilled Salmon Tacos$10.75

w/ yogurt cucumber dill sauce, pintos & rice


Chicken or veggie & tofu, corn tortillas, & jack cheese


Classic Enchilada: red or green chile


Mole Colorado or Suiza: tomatillo cilantro salsa

House Made$8.95

Chile Relleno smothered in Roasted Tomato Salsa, served with Pinto Beans and Spanish Rice



Americano or Cafè au Lait$2.00, Dbl $2.50

Espresso$1.50, Dbl $2.00

Cappuccino or Hot Chocolate$3.00, Dbl $3.50

Latte or Chai Latte$3.00, Dbl $3.50

Mocha$3.50, Dbl $4.50

Breve$4.40, Dbl $5.50

Ibarra Mexican Chocolate or Vanilla Syrupadd $0.50

Hot Tea (earl grey,breakfast, mango, moroccan green mint genmai cha, chamomile, ginger,rooibos chai, mint)$2.00

Aqua Fresca / Soda$2.00

Fresh Orange Juicesm $3.00, lg $5.00

Milksm $2.00, lg $3.00

Coke, diet Coke, Hansan’s, Sprite, Dr. Pepper$1.50

Sparkling Watersm $2.00, Lg $5.00

on the side

bacon, sausage or ham$3.00

house-made Chorizo or Turkey Sausage$3.50

chile relleno with salsa$5.75

single tamale, quesadilla, or pupusa$5.75

red or green chile$0.75

corn or flour tortilla$1.00

fried banana with crema$3.00

hashbrown w/scallion & jack cheese$4.00


french fries$3.50

toast with butter and jam$2.00

chips and guacamole$6.00

one egg al gusto$1.25

pinto beans or basmati spanish rice$2.25

refried beans with jack cheese$3.00

Tune-Up Cafe » Santa Fe, New Mexico