Tune-Up Cafe » Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tune-Up Cafe Lunch Menu

Soup of the Daycup $4.75, bowl $7.95

Green Chile Stewcup $4.95, bowl $8.95

Guacamole & Chips$6.95

house-made chips, with daily made guacamole

Tune-Up Salad$9.95

mixed greens, roasted beets, carrot, cucumber, avocado & sherry vinaigrette

Greek Salad$9.95

classic with feta, kalamata olives, cucumber, & red wine vinaigrette

add fresh salmon or shrimp $6$5

add grilled free range chicken or filet miginon


Free Range Chicken or Veggie with cilantro pesto and tomato salsa

Tune-UP Combo$10.95

Free Range Chicken or Veggie quesadilla, soup & salad

Banana Leaf Wrapped Tamales$9.95

served with rice and beans chicken, jack cheese & roasted tomato salsa -OR- zucchini, potato, jack cheese, & roasted tomato salsa

El Salvadoran Pupusas$9.95

two served with roasted tomato salsa and curtido refried bean, zucchini & queso fresco -OR- flank steak, chile pasado & queso fresco

Chile Relleno$9.95

with roasted tomato salsa, rice & beans, and corn tortilla

Los Burros$11.95

served with red or green chile: marinated free range chicken breast or flank steak burrito with rice, beans, & jack

Las Enchiladas$9.95

served with rice & beans, topped red or green chile: Chicken, grilled onions & jack cheese or tofu, zucchini & corn with jack cheese

Mole Colorado$10.95

chicken or veggie & tofu enchiladas, with rice and grilled banana

Enchiladas Suiza$10.95

chicken or veggie & tofu,with tomatillo cilantro sauce

Fresh Grilled Salmon Tacos$12.95

w/cucumber yogurt dill sauce, pintos & rice

Burgers & Sandwiches Served with Hand Cut Fries

Substitute Tune Up Salad for $1

Tune-Up Burger$9.95

in-house ground, local NM beef on brioche bun w/garlic mayo

Buffalo Burger$15.95

from Bosque Farms, on grilled brioche bun with garlic mayo

Local Lamb Burger$14.95

w/ fresh oregano, thyme, garlic, on Bioche bun w/ house-made sweet potato fries

Brown Rice Nut Burger$9.95

house made on brioche bun with garlic mayo

Burger Toppings $0.75 each$1

cheddar, jack, blue, manchego, provolone green chile, avocado, grilled onion, mushrooms (apple-wood bacon $3)

Tuna Melt$10.95

tuna salad with cheddar, lettuce, & tomato on 9-Grain bread

Organic Ginger Chicken Sandwich$10.95

w/ provolone & basil aioli


citrus & garlic marinated pork loin, cured ham & swiss on pressed ciabatta

Local Lamb Barbacoa Tacos $13.95

With a Chile de arbol sauce, cilantro onions, cotija cheese, radish, spinach, rice and refried beans

Tune-Up Cafe » Santa Fe, New Mexico